My Fasting Journey

By: Cher It is day 22 and I completed my first Daniel Fast. I know some of you all have been doing this for years, but I was always so scared to do it. I love food too much and I wasn’t willing to give it up; I felt I didn’t need to replace it... Continue Reading →

When Do You Get to Laugh Again?

By: Andrea I never knew how hard it was to process death until it knocked right at my front door. You think because you may have been to funerals, heard stories and seen other people process it that when you’re faced with it that you can deal with it and contain yourself. And then, suddenly,... Continue Reading →

Glory, Glory Sunday Morning

By: Andrea Royal “Glory, glory on Sunday morning!” That, among other popular Christian phrases, I would hear on Sunday before going to church, along with gospel music blaring from the car radio. I wouldn’t consider my parents “bible thumpers” but my mother could throw out a scripture at any given time to make a point.... Continue Reading →

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